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Ooh Yes –it tastes as good as it looks. Dishes include Carribean, Latin, Asian, Italian, Vegetarian, American, and Soulfood (seafood included).
Be sure to view our blog for more images and event updates.
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Meet the Staff

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Chef Stace

The Snapback Chef

With his growing love for cooking he brings great passion and energy to cooking with every dish he puts out.
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The Chef

With his great culinary background and knowledge he adds a great spark to the team with his creative dishes and explosive desserts.
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Host/Public Relations

The promotional marketing genius behind Omar's Kitchen, he is determined to taking the company to new heights by using his great promotional tactics.
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Sade Brown

General Manager

She is the driving force of Omar's Kitchen, from day to day customer service to making sure everything is color coordinated for events.


Feel free to contact the chefs, submit requests, inquire of our private dining services, career opportunities, or simply send a nice letter of thanks.